Growth Groups

The Most Important Way You Connect

You have not found your church until you have found your Growth Group. With a focus on interactive Bible study and deepening friendships, Growth Groups enable you to find a place to learn and serve together. Growth Groups are available at 9:30 and 11:00 am every Sunday.
Below you can explore the Growth Groups you are interested in.

9:30 Growth Groups

30s 40s and 50s

Steve and Kristi Harring

Mid 20s-Mid 40s

11:00 Growth Groups

50s 60s and 70s+
20s and 30s

Life Groups: Connecting On A Different Level

After someone has developed deep and trusting relationships with a Growth Group, they are able to form a Life Group within that Growth Group.

What Do Life Groups Do?

1. Focus on hearing from God
The purpose of a spiritual discipline is to build faith. As we interact with God through spiritual disciplines, our trust and intimacy grows.
2. Confession
When we sin, our first reaction is to hide it in darkness. People in Life Groups confess sin to bring it to light and kill it.
3. Live on mission
People in Life Groups encourage each other to pray for God to reach specific people in their everyday lives. As those relationships develop, and we ask God to bring people from spiritual death to life, God is faithful to do it.

How Do I Get In A Life Group?

The way to get into a Life Group is to start one. You can begin this by having a discussion with your Growth Group Leader about your interest. They will connect you with others in your Growth Group looking to start up a Life Group.

How Do Life Groups Work?

5 months on, 1 month off
Because Life Groups are closed, they need healthy entry and exit points. For that reason, Life Groups normally run every January to May, and every July to November. Oftentimes, Life Groups go through two cycles of 5 on and 1 off before changing anything.
Meet every other week
A rhythm of every other week has proven helpful and effective as it allows for relationships to grow at a steady pace.
Gender specific
Because of what is shared within a Life Group, keeping the time of confession within the same gender allows for open dialogue.
Also, there is no central childcare for Life Groups, and their gender specificity allows married couples to rotate being home one week with their spouse taking the alternate week.
Commitment required
Because of the significance of what is shared within a Life Group, it must have trust and commitment. Without living by both of these, a Life Group will crumble quickly and lead to division.