Blan Growth Group Outreach - Adopted a Refugee Family

"Several of us in the Blan Growth Group felt a desire to reach out to the refugee community in our neighborhood to offer support in some capacity. After a short volunteer training session, Catholic Charities Fort Worth's Refugee Match Grant Program, a program that helps newly-placed-refugees to acclimate in our community, connected us with an Iraqi family who had been in the U.S. for only a month. Our role was simply to be their friends, which turned out to be really easy! For an hour each week, we practiced English (and Iraqi Arabic), drank tea, discussed the latest developments in soccer--ahem, football--and solved all of the world's problems. The most challenging part of the entire experience was deciding who would get to visit them each week, occasionally resorting to a thumb war. They joined us for a Thanksgiving feast at the house of Blan’s and even shared a traditional dish of theirs with us--which was my favorite. It was such a great way for us to experience community with each other and with some of the newest members in our greater community. As it goes with these things, they turned out to be at least as much a blessing to our lives as we had intended to be in theirs. 

- Krisy Kuo, member of the Blan Growth Group