Get to Know: Steve Harring

Get to Know is a weekly feature that highlights leaders within our church, how they serve, and any insights they can share.

In 10 words or less, tell us how you serve at Hulen Street.
I serve as a Door Greeter and Growth Group teacher.

How long have you been with Hulen Street?
My wife and I have been attending Hulen Street since October 2013.

What's the best part about serving?
The best part of serving as a Growth Group teacher has been interacting with the rest of the group as we go through the material together while sharing personal experiences and connecting them to Scripture. The best part about serving on the Welcome Team is meeting new people and seeing church partners excited to walk in the doors to our church every Sunday morning.

What is the biggest challenge you face in serving?
The biggest challenge I face while serving is trying to connect my teaching to our Growth Group and especially visitors to our Growth Group in a practical way that relates the material in such a way that it's not just what I would need to hear for my spiritual growth but that the practical application of the lesson is beneficial to the entire group.

How did you get started serving?
I had the privilege to first start serving as a Growth Group teacher when my Growth Group Leader Daniel Oster asked if I'd like to teach about 6 months after visiting Hulen Street.