Get to Know: Dustin Daniel

Get To Know is a weekly feature that highlights leaders within our church, how they serve, and any insights they can share.

Dustin Daniel and his wife, Kallan.

Dustin Daniel and his wife, Kallan.

In 10 words or less, tell us how you serve at Hulen Street.
I play music in the Hulen Street Worship Band.

How long have you been with Hulen Street?
A little over 3 years.

What's the best part about serving?
Playing in the band gives me the opportunity to do something I really love to glorify God. I believe in the creativity, emotion and connection that music pulls out of us as humans who are worshipping the Creator. Being able to have a part in that is a true blessing, and I am thankful to both Hulen Street Church and God for allowing my small part in that experience.

What is the biggest challenge you face in serving?
Balancing life and free-time is difficult for me. I have a strong desire to be excellent in my craft and a devoted volunteer, but I am also very protective of the free time I have. So using that free time to volunteer is often a very difficult sacrifice for me. It's a constant battle between choosing to give and choosing my self.

How did you get started serving?
I wasn't planning on playing in the band. Through some conversation, Wes found out I played electric guitar, and because there was a need in the band for more electric guitarists, he asked if I would be interested. After I thought about it, I just kinda thought, "Why not?"

What is something the Spirit is teaching you lately?
I'm learning every day that we are all in need of a savior and we all feel it inside. That needy feeling manifests itself in humanity in many different, yet equally broken, ways. Though the answer is always Christ, no one person's search is the same. As I look at people, the Spirit is opening my eyes to see them as He see us: broken, hurting and searching people. This has drastically changed the way I view and treat everyone I come in contact with.