Get to Know: Jessica Bollen

Get To Know is a weekly feature that highlights leaders within our church, how they serve, and any insights they can share.

Jessica Bollen with her husband, Daniel

Jessica Bollen with her husband, Daniel

In 10 words or less, tell us how you serve at Hulen Street.
I lead a 9:30 Growth Group alongside my husband, Daniel.

How long have you been with Hulen Street?
It will be 2 years this Fall!

What's the best part about serving?
The best part of serving is watching people find real community within their church. Whether they have attended church for years or are brand new, when they find a Growth Group it becomes more than church to people, it becomes a family. So many times we’ve heard group members say how long they had been searching for real community, how they had been so lonely. We get to experience people enjoy the Body of Christ to its fullest – through the highs and lows of life. It’s such a blessing.

What is the biggest challenge you face in serving?
Let’s see, arriving on time on Sunday mornings? Just kidding! I would say the biggest challenge is trying to stay intentional in the face of everyone’s busy lives. Everyone in our group, including me, is constantly pulled in a thousand directions – that’s just the American way. We fill our schedules so quickly, sometimes it’s hard to remember to slow down and make room for others.

How did you get started serving?
Drew bribed us. Still kidding! After serving on a church staff for several years, we were hungry to be active in ministry again when we moved to Texas. We had experienced loving, faithful community to its fullest and missed those relationships. Thankfully, there was a need for a new group, so we were excited to jump in!

What is something the Spirit is teaching you lately?
In very practical ways, the Spirit is teaching me all over again about the foundation of our relationship - faith. At the moment, we’re trying to sell a house 6 hours away, and to be honest it’s financially terrifying. But it’s a daily reminder that the Lord knows the plans He has for us, how much He desires to provide for the deepest, truest needs of His children, and that ultimately our ways are not His ways. His ways are always, always better.