June 21st Worship

Below are the guidelines that will apply to our gatherings

Temporary Sunday Morning Schedule

9:00 -- Lobby Doors Open
9:30 -- First Service
10:15 -- Dismiss and Sanitize the Worship Center
10:30 -- Lobby Doors Open
11:00 -- Second Service
11:45 -- Dismiss and Sanitize the Worship Center

After the doors open our ushers or staff will help everyone find their seats. At the conclusion of our worship service, they will return to help everyone social distance by dismissing families or groups one at a time.

Reserve Your Seats!
Just like the movies…

In order to create the space needed for social distancing, we have redesigned the seating in the Worship Center. Instead of the traditional layout of 3 large sections with rows and aisles, we have created multiple “mini sections“ made up of 2 to 5 chairs scattered throughout the Worship Center.

These mini sections will allow us to use our space more efficiently while maintaining social
distancing.  But because we have had to dramatically reduce the total number of seats we are asking anyone attending a worship service to reserve their seats beforehand by following these instructions.

1. Go to http://hulenstreetchurch.eventbrite.com
2. Choose the service you want to attend, 9:30 or 11:00
3. Click on REGISTER
4. Look for BUY ON MAP in the lower right-hand corner and click it.
5. Find a section with the number of chairs that are closest to the number of people in your
family or group and (this is important) choose  ALL THE SEATS in that section.
Remember,  You are not reserving seats, you are reserving an entire section for your family or

If you need to split your group between two sections, choose ALL THE SEATS IN BOTH

We understand that not every family or group will use every chair in their section. A group of 2 may have to sit in a section of 3, or a group of 3 may have to sit in a section of 4 and so on. But we just ask that you get as close as you can because our seating is limited, and we want to make sure we use as many seats as we can.

What about guests who walk up without a reservation?

If that was your first question...
WELL DONE! That is exactly the kind of question we should always be asking. We have set
aside several sections to accommodate guests without a reservation. Anyone who wants to
attend our worship service should be able to.

*As per the governor’s order non-family members who attend church together are allowed to sit together. So, if you were to invite some friends to church you would be able to sit in the same section with those friends even though they are not family members.

To Mask or Not to Mask?

One of the values of Hulen Street Church is Surprising Hospitality- Doing more than what is
expected to convince everyone they are wanted and (in this season) safe.

We have always been a church that considers the experience of everyone who walks through our doors. We work hard to constantly identify and dismantle any obstacles that would cause someone to feel unwelcome or uncomfortable at Hulen Street. Many times, this requires us to set aside our personal preferences for the sake of someone we don’t even know. It is in that spirit and in the belief that masks create a safer environment that we are going to require
everyone in attendance who is 5 years old and older to wear a face mask during worship.

If you don’t have a mask, don’t worry, we have purchased simple cloth facemasks that will be
available for anyone who needs one on Sunday morning.

Before, After and In Between Services

To keep large groups of people from congregating in the lobby without discouraging people from
connecting we will set up an “Outdoor Lobby” (weather permitting) utilizing the space between
the main entrance and the student ministry entrance.   Feel free to gather and mingle from a safe
distance outside before, after, and in between our services.

FAQ's and other Important info

Handshakes and Hugs? 

Are we going to sing? 
While some states are prohibiting churches from singing our local and state authorities have not restricted singing. Another reason we decided to require the face masks is so that we can sing without increasing our risk of introducing the virus into the worship center.
So, yes, we will sing. After all, we have a lot to be thankful for.

Worship Guides and Offerings?
We will not be handing out paper worship guides or passing the plates for the offering. We will
be providing an online worship guide that you can access through your phone. We will also
continue to use the online Connect Card.

We will also provide places for people to drop off their offering at the back of the room but,
honestly, it’s both easier and safer for everyone if you would continue to use our online giving

The Lord's Supper
We have not yet decided the best way for us to take communion, but we have purchased pre-packaged, individually wrapped cups, and wafers. So that when we do receive the Lord's Supper
we will be able to do so safely.

Adult Growth Groups
For the time being, adult Growth Groups will continue to meet via Zoom. However, Growth
Groups are encouraged to find opportunities for everyone to come together for some outdoor

Kids Street (Children's Ministry) and Hulen Squad (Student Ministry)
Like Adult Growth Groups our children and student ministries will not be meeting on Sunday
mornings for the time being. We are encouraging our families to attend worship together.

What about my preschooler?
Because we know that many preschool children are not yet ready to sit through even a shortened service, we are providing a program for a VERY LIMITED number of preschool children that will be available by reservation.

If you would like us to hold a spot your child, please email our Preschool Minister, Trisha Stevens by 10:00 pm Friday evening [email protected]

If you are more comfortable having your preschooler with you in the service, we will provide a link to an age-appropriate video lesson for your child to enjoy during the service. When Pastor Wes gets up, the tablets, smartphones, and headphones come out. It's not perfect, but at least they will be occupied by watching something that has spiritual value.

Doors to the bathrooms just outside the Worship Center will be propped open and to help limit
the number of people in the bathrooms we are limiting the number of urinals and stalls that will
be in use. However, because we cannot keep the doors of the bathrooms in the West Wing open without risking someone’s privacy those bathrooms will remain closed.

Coffee and Treats
A gloved and masked volunteer will serve coffee at the outdoor lobby, but at this time we will
not be serving our usual assortment of pastries and cookies.

What is our plan to Clean and Sanitize?
We have made a significant investment in the tools that will help us to keep our environment and
ourselves as germ-free as possible moving forward.
We have purchased an electrostatic backpack mister.  The mister uses a hospital-grade, plant-
based disinfectant that is given a positive charge when it comes out of the machine.  Because
everything around us has a negative charge the mist is attracted to all the objects in the room.
This technology allows us to thoroughly disinfect large spaces or multiple rooms in just minutes
and the mist dries quickly. We have been told the mister will be delivered in late May. So we believe it will be here and ready by June 7. If not we do have a backup plan.
Additionally, we have ordered 6 no-touch, sanitizing stations that will be positioned around the
church.  As you might imagine these stations are on backorder and we do not anticipate receiving them until late June or early July. Until then, and even after, we will have bottles of hand sanitizer scattered thought the building. No one should ever be more than a few feet from a bottle
of sanitizer.

Hulen Street Online is Here to Stay!!

Despite these plans and precautions, we know that there are some who are still not ready to
return to onsite worship. If that is the case you can still worship with your church family by live-
streaming our entire worship service through our website, our app, or our Facebook page every
Sunday at 11:00 am.