Service Teams

Finding Your Part In God's Story

Something happens when you realize how you are supposed to serve other people, and it changes everything. Service Teams at Hulen Street Church are focused on helping people find their fit and make a difference.

Café Team

Create a great environment of breakfast and coffee on Sunday mornings.

Welcome Team

You are the smile and the warm hello. This team sets the tone for a great morning of worship.

Discovery Center

Help people take their next step - prayer, salvation, baptism, partnership - by asking questions, listening, praying, and advising.

Mowing Team

Our team mows from March to October to keep our outside looking well-kept and in order.

Worship Audio / Visual

You are the technician of communication. This team does the behind-the-scenes work of seamless flows between music, speaking, and video.

Family Group Ministry

You work with children of different ages to get them thinking about what a teacher has just shown them. Your primary task is asking questions and listening.

Find Out Your Service Type

Take our quiz to see where you might be a good fit and where you might not.