Ways to pray for Zach & Amy, serving in the Caucasus:
This year Zach and Amy made a goal to really work to invest in their neighbors. COVID made that goal look a little different, but it has actually given them more opportunities than they could have imagined.  They decided early this year that their door was going to stay unlocked, so that their neighbors knew they were welcome to come in at any time. and they have been able to spend time with our neighbors and share about JC.

Zach has been going to their neighborhood gym 3 days a week and meeting with a new local friend from one of our target people groups. Please pray that this relationship would develop further.  

Amy has been meeting with some neighbor ladies for tea and sharing stories with them. Many have been sick, so meals have been taken to them as well. Pray that God would deepen these relationships and that these ladies are open to the Good News.

Pray that God would take these relationships and use them in mighty ways!