At Hulen Street Church, one way we help people mature disciples is to break down following Jesus in four major categories. In each one, there are steps to take and disciplines to consider, but everything in the spiritual life of a disciple depends on the Holy Spirit's power to make our hearts new.


When it comes to talking about Jesus, it is easy to become intimidated and anxious. There are four ways to begin sharing boldly:

1. PRAY FOR AND WITH PEOPLE. When we begin truly praying for people to know Jesus, we will find a love for them building in our hearts and a real relationship forming. When we begin asking God for opportunities to talk to them about spiritual matters, the conversations will arise and the moment will be right.

2. LISTEN TO THEIR STORY. Making the time to listen to people is how a relationship is built.

3. SHARE YOUR STORY. You never know when the perfect opportunity will arise where you get to share your story, so getting it nailed down and easy to understand is essential. Begin with the question "why did I begin following Jesus?" and don't focus too hard on the hows, whens, or wheres. And as you remove any church language that's difficult to understand, you can get the timing to anywhere from 2-3 minutes.

4. INVITE PEOPLE CONTINUALLY. Between Sunday mornings, Easter, Christmas Eve, and Growth Group events there is plenty to invite someone to. Many times, people are just waiting for you to ask.


"Worship" often gets limited to the few hours we spend on Sundays singing and learning and communing with our church. But Scripture talks about worship in much more encompassing terms than that. We use Micah 6:8 as a way to understand worship.

ACT JUSTLY. This means we work for justice, especially among the marginalized and oppressed. We recognize when things are systemically swayed toward one class of people and work toward balance and unity.

LOVE MERCY. We look for ways to show kindness toward others and help bear their burdens. Worship of this nature can be as simple as mowing someone else's lawn for them or watching a friend's children for the afternoon.

WALKING HUMBLY. A proud person is an affront to God's glory, and humility is the opposite. When we defer our rights, pass the credit along, and help others in secret, we are walking in humility.


As followers of Jesus, we are to be givers. Jesus was the ultimate giver when He laid down His life for us, and He asks us to do the same. Here are the practical ways we seek to give continually at Hulen Street.

GIFTS. Jesus saved us and He brought gifts with Him. Your spiritual gifting is how Jesus has specifically enabled you to give of yourself for His Kingdom work.

RESOURCES. Everyone has time and finances in various levels of availability, and Jesus asks us to give both in abundance and with a cheerful heart. Part of our leadership's work is creating in-roads so our people can give of themselves in various ways. Please visit our Connect page for various ways to give of your time, and our Give page to give financially to Hulen Street.

RELATIONSHIPS. Loving another person in authentic friendship can be one of the most spiritual things a person does. It is easy to get caught in the business trap and stay in isolation, but our lives should be marked by our willingness to make ourselves available for others in love.


After God made Adam in the garden, He said that it was not good for man to be alone. Living in isolation is not part of our created design. Human beings yearn for community, however imperfectly, and we are reflecting God's image when we reach out to others in love.

GROWTH GROUPS. Growth Groups help connect people on a personal level during the week and on Sunday mornings. During the week each group works to care for each other, reach out together, and throw good parties. Sundays at 9:30 and 11:00 am, all Growth Groups meet on site for interactive Bible study and discussion. Find out more about Growth Groups.

SERVICE TEAMS. One way to begin meeting other people is by serving alongside someone, either on a Growth Group mission project or on a service team here at Hulen Street. Find out more about Service Teams.

LIFE GROUPS. Life Groups are a way for people to go deeper by praying for one another, bearing burdens, sharing joys, and learning to obey Jesus. Life Groups meet at various points of the week, usually in homes, and usually in the evening. Find out more about Life Groups.