Erica Valerio

Grade School Minister

Julie and the Phantoms
Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat
The Golden Girls

I grew up in Houston right off the coast and my first official job was working in the Kids’ Club at a yacht club. In addition to spending time with the kids who frequented the club, I cleaned up many spilled Shirley Temples and threw away an abundance of half-eaten trays of chicken tenders.

Watching people find community. I’ll never tire of seeing how God unites diverse groups of people through His son to bring about His kingdom and glory.

One of the things I have always wrestled with is feeling like I have to know how to do everything or have everything together all the time. I’m learning that growth is always going to be a process and there is beauty in the midst of transformation.

My job is to create an engaging and FUN place for grade schoolers at Hulen Street Church where they can grow in friendships with other kids and explore who God created them to be. I also partner with our parents and guardians of grade schoolers and provide them with resources to help them WIN as the primary influence in the lives of their kids. And I have an amazing group of adult volunteers that I work together with to inspire the next generation.

Erica has served with Hulen Street Church since 2021.