Student Ministry at Hulen Street Church

At Hulen Street Church want 7th- 12th graders
to grow in their faith and develop a faith that lasts into adulthood. We do this by partnering with you as parents to be the primary disciple-makers of your teenager.

Sunday Mornings

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, our student ministry is currently not meeting in-person.
Our in-person gatherings will restart on Sunday, October 4th. We'll be updating our website
with what your student's in person experience will be like soon. You can watch this video to
see where we meet on Sunday mornings.

Student Ministry On-Demand

BUT student ministry is still happening digitally.  Your student can access either our digital content
each week either on Instagram or our Youtube channel. Click the icons below to view our digital content. 


Each Wednesday, we upload our middle school
and high school teaching content. These are
10-15 minute videos that help teenagers in their relationships, decision-making, and their faith.

Each Friday, we upload a follow up video (3-5 minutes) to help students apply our XP3 content to their lives. Students can engage with this video by commenting in the comment section or responding to our Instagram stories.

Parent Resources

Every teenager is in a certain phase, and we want to equip you as parents by resourcing you through the Phase Project.

Student Ministry Events