Our City

We want to be a church that blesses our city.

Do our neighbors know that we are here? Are they glad that we are here? Are they better because we are here?
We hope so! City Partnerships are how we keep heading in that direction.


Local Schools

We care about  schools in our community. Current school partnerships include Hazel Harvey Elementary and Southwest High School.

Trinity Trails

We clean up trash and connect with the people in our city along the way periodically. We adopted Section 84 of the Trinity Trails  (Waterside & Bryant Irvin Rd).

TA Food Bank

We partner regularly with Tarrant Area Food Bank for under-resourced families in our city through food drives, sorting & stocking the facility, & food distribution days.

Refugees & Asylees

Our city is a strategic location for people from around the world. We are able to connect and care for them alongside World Relief and DASH through simple conversations and acts of service.  

College Campuses

We meet students where they are on college campuses with Baptist Student Ministries (BSM). We serve meals & have conversations with college students that are far from home or far from Christ. 

FW Pregnancy Center

From event planning, restocking baby supplies, decorating for baby showers, counseling, or donating services, you can show care & give hope to  families in a variety of ways. 


Prayer Guides

Nothing good happens apart from God. Prayer is our first & best response to any need or opportunity because God is the One who cares the most & will do the most good in our city.

Gospel Sharing Guide

It can feel daunting to share the best news the world has ever heard & maybe with someone for the first time! This is a simple guide to help you know what to share, whether at a school, work, on the bleachers, or with friends.

For the Life of the World

If you're interested in knowing what it means to live for the Life of the World, watch this short video to learn more.