Missions at Hulen Street Church means we pray, give, and go for the Life of the World. We have many local and global mission partnerships, and we visit them often. Join the mission!

Our Mission Partners

South Africa

Our partnership with Norwegian Settlers Church located in Port Shepstone, South Africa began in 2011. Each year a team from Hulen Street spends spring break to do ministry in the local communities around Port Shepstone. 


Our partnership with Vintage Church Pittsburgh began in 2019 as a part of Hulen Street's Back to the Future Capital Campaign. Along with a financial partnership, Hulen Street sends a team each summer to reach the community around Vintage's West Camps. 
Photo by Reynaldo Mirault on Unsplash

Shema Madagascar

Our partnership with Shema Madagascar Ministries officially began January 2019. The Mamitiana Family are indigenous missionaries to Fort Dauphin, Madagascar. 

FGIM Witness, Haiti

Our partnership with FGIM Witness began in 2019 a. FGIM Witness was founded by former partners Pierre and Lourphine St. Louis in 2007. 

Our Global Partners

The Laz Family

Serving in SE Asia
J & K, along with their four children serve their community through medical missions.
Photo by Viktoria Rasskazova on Unsplash

Patrick & Libby 

Serving  in Germany 
Patrick and Libby serve the growing Persian refugee community in Germany.
Photo by Svetlana Gumerova on Unsplash

Ryan & Susan

Serving in Central Asia
Ryan & Susan, and their two boys work with fellow global workers in their region and connect with locals to share the Good News. 

Thomas & Holley

Serving in Belgium
Thomas and Holley, and their daughter Primrose live in Namur, Belgium and serve their community as church planters. 


Serving in Vietnam
Becky teaches English at a University in Hanoi, Vietnam and meets in small groups in her city allowing her to connect and share with students.

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