Ways to pray for the Laz Family, serving in SE Asia:
1.  More at the table - several Buddhist and Muslim people that we met through our medical and refugee care ministries have welcomed deeper discussions about King Jesus!  Recently one Buddhist grandmother, named “Nine Nu,” professed faith in what she knew about Jesus and a desire to follow him.  However, over the past two weeks, her family has discouraged her from being “dunked.”  Several within Nine Nu’s circle of influence have also expressed interest in Him, including a granddaughter in another town.  Pray for open ears and receptive hearts as we explore opportunities to share among this group of people interested in hearing about the Kingdom.  A young Muslim lady has interned alongside us in our medical ministry and witnessed many Jesus stories told and prayers answered as we serve in Darkstone.  She has been attending our Word studies twice a week and recently said that she feels she has “one foot inside Jesus’ Kingdom.”  She specifically requested to know more about the words and works of Jesus.  (Matthew 22:1-4) Pray for her and the greater community of Muslims in our community who have yet to encounter the true Messiah.  We want them at the King’s banquet!

2.  Ground breaking - we are excited to announce our new health and education center plans!  We recently received approval to set up a multi-purpose office space where we can provide Physical Therapy services, patient health education, and training for the next generation of health care workers.  This 800 square foot space will provide a location for some of our national partners to provide patient care independent of us.  Despite a central office, we still have the goal of spending more than 50% of our time in people’s homes - that is, as soon as COVID regulations loosen up.  Looking back over the last 5 years, it’s exciting to see that the tough ground has finally been broken for us to put tangible roots deep into the community and sow seeds more broadly.  To finalize the purchase of the land and the building, to remodel, and to furnish the permanent office location, we are hoping to fundraise $20,000 through our sending agency, Restore Hope.  Online donations are quick, easy, and secure, and can be made at https://restorehopetoday.kindful.com/?campaign=341993.  (2 Corinthians 9:6-15) Would you partner with us in this building project?  Please pray and give as the Lord gives you direction.
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Make out the check to:  Restore Hope
    In the Memo line write:  SE Asia L-1
Send the check to:  Restore Hope.    301 S. Center St. #325.    Arlington, TX 76010 

3.  Grip strength - some days our family feels like we are just barely hanging on, weight down by the weight of COVID in a remote third world setting, discipling young new believers, sharing faithfully with the unreached, carrying our patients’ and their families’ burdens, and handling the everyday logistical challenges of maintaining resident and working visa permits… we are exhausted.  Like most parents, we realise our kids have way more energy than we do, but they manifest the stresses in different ways.  We aren’t the best “rest-ers,” but we are being refined into taking more rejuvenating Sabbaths.  We are learning what health boundaries look like.  We are learning how to admit when we can’t go any more, despite what others may think.  Phew.  And it’s refreshing.  Psalm 23 - Pray for our souls to experience more days with Him in green pastures and beside quiet waters - for our restoration, His direction, His comfort over us.