Photo & Video At HSC

Helpful Things For You To Know

We want to ensure you have an enjoyable experience at Hulen Street Church.

As you arrive at HSC, you will notice that we have a team of photographers and videographers that capture engaging content each week for our social media and website. We never wish for their skills and creativity ever to be a barrier.

Below are some transparent policies our photographers and videographers abide by each week while capturing content. 


No Photos Of First Time Visitors

Our photographers and videographers will never take photos of people they do not know. They will also never capture images of someone who appears to be a first-time guest at our church (park in our ORANGE parking lot spots).


No Names Displayed 

When we publish photos and videos, we will never include the names of anyone in the image. Our photo editor will Photoshop out name tags and license plate numbers. The only exception is if the subject has given us consent to display their name. 


Privacy Request

If you are a regular attender or partner or have a minor who does not wish to have their image taken, stop by the Welcome Center or KidStreet Check-In Stations to pick up an ORANGE wristband. This will notify our photographers and videographers not to feature you in their images.


Image Removal 

Although we do our very best, accidents do happen. If you see an image published that violates your privacy and consent, we are happy to remove it. Please email our Office Administrator, Jen Jilani, at, and we will remove it within 24 hours of the request.


Purpose Of Images

We utilize the images captured for weekly social media posts, website design, and digital advertisements. These images are solely owned by HSC and never sold to anyone.


How To Identify

A designated name tag lanyard will identify all photographers and videographers affiliated with HSC. They must wear these at all times while operating a camera.