Preschool Ministry at Hulen Street Church

In Kids Street Preschool, we want to help you become the primary disciple-makers of your children by providing environments of engagement. This happens through the environments we create on Sundays, and through the resources we provide for your family.

Sunday Mornings

We offer Preschool Ministry on Sunday mornings from 9:30 to 10:45 am and from 11:00 am to 12:15 pm. Preschoolers often spend the whole morning with us.

Watch the video below to know where to park:
Additionally, for families with Preschoolers and Grade Schoolers, here is more information:

Resourcing Parents

You want to help your child reach their full potential, and we do that through the Phase Project.

Security And Check-In

Checking your children in is a straightforward process:
  1. Go to the Guest Check-In Station where someone will assist you by checking in your children, and asking for any additional information (such as allergies and a phone number).
  2. Apply your child's name tag prominently on your child’s clothing. This name tag displays your child’s name, room number, and any other significant information.
  3. Keep your parent badge for pick-up. One parent will be given a printed parent badge for child pick-up that bears a randomized numerical code. This code corresponds to your child’s name tag. At the end of the service, present this badge to your child’s teacher. Anyone picking up a child must have a matching parent badge.

Serving And Background Checks

If you're interested in working with children on Kids Street Preschool, we have a screening process that requires a background check, and continued training to help you best serve children.