Prayer is essential.

We would be honored to pray for you. Our staff prays weekly along with our prayer groups that meet Sunday at 8am and Wednesday at 9am.

If you need further assistance, please indicate your need in the request.

Don't limit your prayers to our times and groups; God wants you to pray anytime, anywhere. At work, at home, or in the community, God invites us to turn to Him because He knows that this is too much for us to handle apart from Him.

 Here are a few resources to help you pray.
Prayer for Beginners shares 7 prayer principles that will help you develop a personal practice of prayer.
Prayer Basics is a 7 day Bible reading plan on the YouVersion Bible App.  Let God's Word shape your prayer life.
Prayer & Practice is a 30 minute message that will lead you in how to P.R.A.Y. (Praise, Repent, Ask, & Yield) to God. 
Heirs & Prayers is a 30 minute message from Romans that will empower you to pray to the Father by the Spirit.