A Home For The Next Generation

We work hard to create fun and safe environments for all stages of life to grow in their faith.
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Our Family Ministry Philosophy

Red + Yellow = Orange

To illustrate how your family can grow at Hulen Street Church, we use the colors Red and Yellow. We associate the home with Red to signify warmth and acceptance. We associate the church with Yellow to signify truth and discovery. When those two influences (home and church) work together, it gives us Orange. Any family can experience Orange, and that's our goal.

3,000 hours > 40 hours

Within the Family Ministry of Hulen Street Church, we know that what children hear at home far outweighs what they hear within our four walls. The average child spends 3,000 hours annually with a parent and 40 hours annually with their church. Our goal is equipping you as parents to be the primary disciple-maker in your home. We know that can be intimidating, but it's our job to help you do it well.

Your Family In Phases

As a church that believes in Orange philosophy, we want to provide you the resources that you as a parent or
guardian need to disciple your child at every phase. This is why we use the Phase Project a faith
and development resource provided by Orange that grows with your child.