The Phase Project

Parents, we are excited to launch our newest tool located at the Life at Home Center called Phase Project to better leverage the 3,000 hours your child has at home with you every year. Phase Project is a tool provided by Orange to equip parents to be the primary disciple-maker in each phase of their child's life. At the Life at Home Center, their are three main resources that Phase Project provides that are customized to each of the 18 phases (birth to senior year).

Take some time to read below about all Phase Project has to offer!


Phase Guides

On display at the Life at Home Center, you will find Phase Guides for each of the 18 phases. Phase Guides are a comprehensive supplement to the Phase Summaries. You can learn more about each Phase Guide and order a $13 copy for the phase your child is in this year by clicking the image to your left.

Phase Guides provide parents information on everything they need to say, do, and know as a parent during the 52 weeks their child is in that phase.


Parent Conversation Guides

At the Life at Home Center, you will find Phase Project's Parent Conversation Guides which are FREE resources that go over four topics: Technology, Sexual Integrity, Health, and Faith.

Whether your child is a toddler or a senior in high school, there are guides written specifically for your child's age group on all four topics. Check out these Parent Conversation Guides at the Life at Home Center.


Phase Summaries

At the Life at Home Center, you will find a Phase Summary for every phase from new babies to all the way to seniors in high school. This is another FREE resource that gives you quick practical tips to help understand what is changing in the life of your child during that phase that year.

You’ll find information about how your child is developing physically, socially, mentally, and emotionally at each phase, and what they need from their parents at that phase. Each Phase Summary also provides a roadmap for discipleship that year of the phase.