Paul Rideout

Minister of Information

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy directed by Peter Jackson
Parasite directed by Bong Joon-ho
I have my own Youtube channel where I review popular movies from a Christian lens called Rideout Reviews.  I co-host a podcast with Stephen Rickels, our Discipleship Pastor called Hulen Street Courses.
Faithfulness. I have struggled to give the reins to God and trust that if I follow Him He will provide everything. I tend to try and make backup plans or have a safety net to fall into if things don't work out rather than lean so far forward on Christ that if He doesn't catch me, I'll fall on my face.
There is not one individual but many. It is the people around me. When I see their lives changed by what God is doing in their life, it bids me to go deeper in my faith. It makes me want to be changed more. It makes me want to know God more. But in the same way, when I see people desperate and broken because of their lack of faith and love of God it drives me to dive deeper into my identity in Christ, because there alone can life be found.
Paul has served at Hulen Street Church since August 2020.