Singles Growth Group

Led by Jen Jilani,  Becca Allen, and Jon Quintana
Jen is the fifth member of the Golden Girls. When not aggressively preventing houseguests from assisting in the kitchen or following Elton John around the globe, you can find her joining a tenth book club or admiring her handsome boy, Ralph Waldo.

Jon is an amateur paleontologist who enjoys hunting for lost treasure and eating Belgian waffles in his spare time. When not re-enacting the Fast and the Furious in a go-cart, you can also find him reading the book of Job for fun.

If you needed someone to live vicariously through, Becca is your girl. You may find her whipping up the greatest batch of pastries you have ever tasted, or winning the lottery to hike The Wave Rock Formation in Arizona, or perhaps traveling the nation following her favorite hockey team. She is the life of the party, and provides the cake!
Late 20s–Early 40s, Single
7:00pm Thursdays