College & 20s Growth Group

Ben moved to Fort Worth in 2017 and joined Hulen Street Church that November. Since then, he has been enjoying the Fort Worth life by adopting the Texan greeting, “Howdy!”. Consequently, he realized not many people in Fort Worth say that, but he’s kept it going regardless.

Ben is an avid bird watcher, art fan, wannabe coffee snob, and reader. He currently works part-time in collegiate ministry and studies full-time for his Ph.D. When Ben isn’t reading for school, you can find him petting a cat, talking with friends, and winning all Star Wars trivia.

His group is the perfect mix of friends— whether you’re in college, working, or binging the latest Netflix series; if you are in your 20’s then this group is for you!
College & 20s
Room A105
11:00 am on Sundays