Trisha Stevens

Preschool Minister

The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy Keller
Redeeming Love & A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers
Risen Motherhood by Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler
Devoted by Tim Challies

My biggest challenge is living out my faith at home! I’ve walked closely with Jesus since 1998 and served in ministry since 2001, but when I became at mom in 2011, I learned in a new way just how sinful I am and how much I need a Savior. While I love my kids more than life itself, I also find that my pursuit of holiness is most challenged by the little people in my life. It’s been a wonderfully refining experience, however, and I hope I look more like Jesus as I daily depend on Him!

Coffee! While I’ve loved coffee most of my adult life, my obsession with coffee seems to grow year after year! After moving to Fort Worth, my husband and I discovered the vanilla latte at Avoca. We try to recreate this wondrous drink every morning with our Avoca coffee beans, homemade vanilla syrup and espresso machine. I look forward to my drink every morning and love sharing with our friends too!

I love listening to podcasts. As a busy mom, I can’t get away often to retreats or conferences, but I can listen and learn from great speakers through podcasts. Whether it’s sermons, ministry podcasts, or homeschooling podcasts, I love listening and contemplating how to grow in the different areas of my life.

Spring! To see plants, trees and flowers come back to life is a beautiful sight! I love it’s symbolism too. Martin Luther said, “Our Lord has written the promise of the resurrection not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime."

My role at Hulen Street is to minister to preschoolers and their families by providing a safe, loving, and learning environment. I see what happens in the preschool classrooms as essential and necessary. Everything that happens here at church should help preschoolers learn more about the truths of the Bible. By providing a place that is engaging and secure for preschoolers, their parents and guardians have an opportunity to step away for a moment and really worship, learn, and serve. And ultimately, we as a church can partner with parents to help provide opportunities and information that will help each child grow and develop spiritually.

Trisha has served with Hulen Street Church since 2018.