Wes Hamilton

Lead Pastor

Christ Plays in 10,0000 Places by Eugene Peterson
The Trellis and The Vine by Colin Marshall and Tony Payne
Preacher and Prayer by EM Bounds
The God Who is There by Francis Schaeffer
Christ the Lord by Anne Rice

I was a sacker at the Minyards on the corner of Shady Grove and Story Road in Irving. The white shirt and a green polyester clip on tie always looked good with my tight rolled acid washed jeans.

So many believers have never been taught about who they are in Christ, and so they struggle to overcome temptation and are desperate for purpose. I am most excited when someone "gets it" and they begin to understand the sacredness of all of life and to live their new identities in Christ. Identity always determines behavior and not vice versa.

Like most people I have this natural bent toward practicality. As a result I find myself reading God’s word looking for things to do (how be a good husband, father, pastor) or new things to teach. Practicality, over time, has a way of draining our passion for God and turns our faith in to just another set of self help principles to be applied. I have to constantly remind myself that seeking God alone is enough.

As the Lead Pastor my primary responsibility is to teach the word of God and to lead the church to pray. My secondary responsibility is to equip believers for the work of ministry and to develop new leaders who can extend the impact of Hulen Street far beyond where I alone am able to.

Wes has served with Hulen Street Church since 2010.